Is there a preset to improve the skin condition caused by stage 4 bowel cancer?

First of all, spots aside, I have to say that simply using the plasma with your biofeedback results, given the cancer stage you've reached, is unlikely to be enough. A full cancer protocol, which incorporates biofeedback results, would be more useful. I would be looking at the folder:
Presets > Cancer > DB
and combining the plasma P06/7/8/9 sessions with the corresponding remote presets.

With regard to the spots, the plasma may be creating a form of detox through your skin. You should definitely be running a Detox Maintenance (or All Detox in the Cancer Protocol folder) by remote 24/7 when using plasma. That said, it may not be enough.

Please note that while I have extensive experience with Spooky2 and the Cancer Protocol, I know little about using pharmaceutical drugs with Spooky2 as my partner refused all allopathic treatment for his bladder cancer.

For more details, please check the link:

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