Can using the frequency programs lead to swollen lymph nodes in the neck and white blood cell leukocytes slightly decreased?

1. I find lymph detox frequencies helpful. I ran it the other day and my sinuses were dripping like a faucet! There are several lymph sets to help support the lymph system. I had fewer teeth/jaw discomfort after I ran it. The sinus thing was uncomfortable but if it is temporary and helps clear things out it may keep things flowing better!

2. It sounds a little like Epstein Barr Virus, maybe try killing that.

3. The only job of the lymph is to detox the body. If they are swollen, they are doing their job. It means they are doing that, just not draining as they should.

The lymph does not have a pump (like the heart does), so they work to clear based on gravity. The best bet is a lymphatic massage or dry brushing to move them or bouncing on a mini rebounder.

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