Why can the GeneratorX do a Biofeedback scan in 6 minutes?

1. The Spooky Pulse will do a scan from 76 kHz to 152 kHz in about 46 minutes. The GeneratorX can do that exact same scan range in about 1:42 minutes. The reason the GX is so much faster is that it doesn't rely on reading the heartbeat-like the Pulse does, but instead measure the current absorbed by the body and the corresponding change in phase angle of the input signal versus the signal coming out of the body. The GX can scan about 39 frequencies per second, while the Pulse can scan about 1 frequency per second.
Even though the Pulse is slower, and you need to do some more fussing to get a good reading, the Pulse is worth buying because it will find frequencies you need of pathogens, plus an added benefit is it can find healing frequencies (the GX can't), and some people say the grading of existing frequency sets on the Pulse works better than the GX.

2. The reason GX can do a fast and accurate biofeedback scan is that there is embedded hardware to measure the signals. This is a first time development which took us more than two years, countless sleepless nights from John. No other generators in the market can do this.

3. The GX runs the BFB on a somewhat different principle and it is more powerful than the XM. The GX is also two generators in one. It is capable of reaching higher frequencies. The XM is less expensive but generally as useful except for the higher frequency programs. Both need to be connected to a computer if you want to run programs continuously. The XM needs to always be connected to a computer. The GX can store programs and use them away from a computer if you choose.

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