If you are Electro Magnetic sensitive, what would be the treatment suggestions?

1. You and a friend could test the Spooky2 Generator output Modes. If someone else pauses, then runs the Spooky2 software, while the test subject can not see (vision blocking, masking) and can not hear (noise blocking, masking). The test subject is the person feeling and or connected to rife energy. If the noise blocking, masking is very loud then the test subject may indicate a strong or weak response with a handheld high or low, when they can feel the change of rife energy. Spooky2 Generator output modes to test: (A) Audio, (AW) = Radionics, (C) Contact TENS, (Coil) PEMF-Magnetic Coil (L) Laser, (P) Plasma (R) Remote, (S) Scalar.

2. You can try lowering the amplitude settings.

3. I started on a very low amplitude as I am hypersensitive. Have only ever done remote.

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