What's the maximum number of Remotes that one person can use simultaneously?

1. You have to suck it and see. Some of us have over 12 generators running just for ourselves. It's up to us to research what can work, what can co-operate with other frequency sets and what might act against another program. So you can do these things, but also be mindful of how you are feeling and make wise and rational deductions about what it is doing to your body based on your alternative health research. Being a master Spooky2 user is one thing, but never stop learning about alternative health too as that will inform you better as to how to use the system to your advantage.

2. I've done 4 programs at once on myself. Just see how you feel. If you start to feel gross, pause the machine, drink water, and re-evaluate if you want to do less programs at once. It's not the frequencies themselves you have to worry about, it's the symptoms of treating your issues that will be your limiting factor.

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