Can you skip detox and treat thyroid tumors with Plasma directly?

1. It is really up to the user to decide what they can handle and what is too much. There's is a good bit to consider. IE: How much has she detoxed in the past? If this is her first detox in a long time then just processing the detox may be all she can handle. But if she is not feeling any ill effect from the detox then she may be able to handle plasma in conjunction. The Spooky2 advice is to run at least one (some people need more than one) Terrain detox so the detox pathways are open for what lies ahead. Some people can handle more. Some people cannot. It’s very important the person be closely monitored no matter what programs are running.

Some people have run healing type programs during the Terrain phase and perhaps this may assist in helping to swallow. But even healing programs can cause some die off.

I cannot tell you one way or another but am giving you something to think about.

2. If you are running the Terrain on Mum and you have spare capacity, then perhaps you can run Plasma presets alongside and the CancerTool may be something to consider where you will be able to use a Full Scan, A Cancer Scan and a Target Preset targeting the Thyroid but also taking into consideration the entire Endocrine system in subsequent target presets you will make to run your presets for Plasma/Scalar/Remote/Contact/Coil/Laser. It gets super easy if you have Central because all your attachments are part of Central and can be used in conjunction with Plasma.

3. Frequencies 660 and 050 reduce tumor size. Kill the flukes that cause cancer as well as BX and By virus.

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