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Can you make the pulse sensor less sensitive?

1. I couldn't get the Pulse to work for me until I learned how to correctly adjust and place the pulse sensor. Now that I've learned this, I can get the ear and the finger sensor to work for me.

Sometimes when a scan takes double or triple the estimated time, this happens because the sensor is not in a good location. Placement of the sensor is very important, and if placed in the wrong place, Spooky2 will get no data from the sensor, or data that it can tell is wrong. In the newest Spooky2, in the Presets tab under >Biofeedback, >Spooky Pulse, click on "GUIDE Scanning - Read Me.pdf". There is a brand new section I wrote called "Testing the sensor placement". Please read this section and follow the instructions to get better placement of the sensor for good strong reading.

2. I agree that the sensor placement is critical. And for me, I have to often place a bit different than the previous scans. Sometimes left ear, or right ear or thumb/forefinger web. Also, I occasionally have a truly irregular heart rate and have to adjust my minerals balance (usually magnesium or potassium. Being well hydrated is also very important.

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