Does anyone use diatomaceous earth during a detox?

1. Yes, it crosses BBB and detoxes heavy metals.
2. Adding Green Clay to it is even better. They are synergistically linked. Mix to a teaspoon of each into a glass of distilled water then hop into a far infrared sauna. The results are even more invigorating if one also mixes in a teaspoon of powdered Shungite.
3. Bentonite clay is better for detoxing. Absorbs a ton of toxins in your body. DE is more for parasites and maybe some silica but don't think it's absorbed as well as other forms.
4. I have read mixed reports on DE. Some saying it is ok to take the food-grade DE and some saying never to ingest it at all as it interferes with your stomach/mineral absorption.
Because of this, I will just avoid it altogether just to be safe.
5. I think zeolite was mentioned at some point.

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