Is it okay to keep running Spooky2 on Contact mode for killing various parasites and infections?

1. If you can't tolerate an all-night session, then work your way up to it. The more you run contact (or plasma), the better, even if you have remote running 24 hours a day.

But if you are Herxing too much, then back off.

2. If you are doing hunt and kill on the GeneratorX, its best to run that all night long with the tens pads attached either side of the abdomen. Then during the day, you can do other condition-specific sets. That way you get the best of both worlds, the use of scanning and running those scans and the benefits of condition-specific sets.

3. If you can tolerate an all-night contact session without excessive Herxing, go for it.

Usually, the recommendation is to run through the program set one time, morning and night and reinforce with remote the rest of the day.

There are very few hard rules with this equipment, so what makes you better is what you should do.

Just be safe while you do it.

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