Is Spooky2 Rife a "set and forget" device?

1. Spooky2 Rife is not a set and forget solution, but is rather technical (but doable for the motivated) and requires a lot of commitment to achieve results. The closest thing Spooky has for set and forget that will offer healing energy is the Spooky2 Scalar device.

2. Set-and-forget is not an option offered by Spooky2 when it comes to cancer. It takes commitment and dedication. Many hours of working through the protocol and sitting with plasma in our experience. Additionally, your friend would still need to do regular biofeedback scans.

Also, I have observed that those who are doing chemo and/or radiation have an uphill battle with rifing their cancer. I realize there are many who will say "throw everything at it", but in my opinion that simply doesn't work.

Prana's suggestion of using Scalar for its healing energy would probably be beneficial, but I doubt that simply sitting in the scalar field would eradicate cancer. (I know Prana is not suggesting that, so please don't misunderstand.) The scalar may, however, bring some relief from the effects of the chemo and strengthen your friend's life-force.

Mine is just a personal opinion, based on experience and observation. Others will undoubtedly see things differently.

3. The ideal would be if someone could do remote setups and settings for her via TeamViewer based on her requirements and someone who has good knowledge of her cancer and what would be required. I see this as a future possibility for people who have problems with technology.

Should she choose the chemo route then please do everything to support this choice by applying the necessary protocols (Spooky2 or other) which work alongside to starve cancer stem cells. There would be no harm in getting Scalar and adding GeneratorX frequencies to scalar however if I had cancer at this stage with metastases, then I would get a concerned friend or relative to help me run Plasma with both phanotron and straight tube and apply the CancerTool and other supporting Presets. Additionally, a bank of XM's is not a bad idea.

4. For a serious disease, you might have to forget any "set and forget" system. Regular scans and treatments will be needed. For me, I have a generator by my work station and give myself 5 or more frequency sets a day via contact a do overnight with either scalar or plasma depending on what the circumstances are. You will need to download the software and read the PDF in the cancer protocols carefully before deciding what kit to buy and how you want to do this thing.

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