Would you create a new Remote where the magnets can be removed and put back on when required?

When we were designing the new version of Spooky2 remote, John probably made more than 10 different versions, different board designs, with or without magnet, without or without crystals, etc. We tested a double-blind test with more than 30 people from different countries (can't remember the exact number of people, maybe 40). These people are very sensitive in feeling frequencies and energy. The first round of tests was to check whether they are sensitive or not as they claimed, so one box had nothing at all. We picked some super sensitive people, and these people went as far as 6 rounds to help us pick up the best design. The whole test process took about 2 months to complete.
One thing in common is, most people felt the design with magnet much more powerful and effective than the one without.
We are trying to deliver the best design to our users, but nothing can work the same for everyone. If someone wants the new remote without magnet, they can contact us, and we can customize some for them without magnet.

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