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Has anyone tried Spooky2 for a bad curvature of the spine?

Yes, it's getting better, also my dog and horse. Working at the same time on nerves, ligaments and muscles. By side working also with a chiropractor.

I tried several ones and not for all the same. It depends what symptoms are caused by it. I usually work with a custom program and in between I'm using the DH-frequencies. There is a program called spinal channel correction and balance 388 and spine correct posture 392. But due to the symptoms caused it makes sense to also have a look at back pain programs, inflammation and nerve pain/damage, disc hernited not to forget sacroiliac joint dysfunction, spondylitis and if the problems are in the lower back the hip ligaments programs are often also needed. I would put those mentioned words into the program search tab. There are also more programs for back Problems within the DH-frequencies. I personally work with testing, so I'm searching over that the suitable programs for each one.

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