How do I use Spooky2 Plasma?

In case you haven't already done it, if it were me I would follow the advice of the Spooky2 team and do the Terrain Program first, before doing anything else. To do this you would first set up and learn to run the Remote equipment for the 10 days that it takes to run through all the Terrain steps. This will also give you time to well prepare for setting up your Plasma. You will need to have the Remote running to do Detox to support your body when you do start your Plasma treatments anyway. I am going to stress to you how important I think it is to learn to use the Software and be able to do Remote treatments BEFORE setting up your Plasma equipment. There are many reasons I say this, which you will realize as you go along. You need to be very careful to connect up the Plasma correctly and be really confident you choose the correct Presets to run the frequencies on the Plasma, so as not to damage the equipment, You also need to be very organized with the way the Plasma set up in the room. Please take your time to learn each step as you begin your Spooky2 journey, and there are mountains of information available to show you how to do this. There is a “Files” section of this Facebook page, and you can do a search on this Page too. More recent information is often better than 3 or more years ago. There are videos etc, and the lovely newly updated Spooky2 User's Guide free in the Downloads section found on the Spooky2 home page.

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