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My biofeedback scan pulse spent long time, is that normal? Do I need to use the scan every day or can I keep using the same results for some day on and off?

1. What did you scan with? Yes, I do agree, they were quite quick on my GX when I first bought it about a year ago and now they’ve crept up again with each software release. Quite impractical.
You don't have to scan every day, it depends on what you're using to treat yourself. If you're treating yourself on remote then you can scan once a week. But if you're using plasma or phanotron, then you can scan every few days.
2. The speed of the scan depends on your resting heart rate. If your resting heart rate is slower, the scan will take longer due to the slower rate of data coming in from the pulse. Furthermore, if you have at any time a bad data read from the pulse, it will pause the scan. To resume, it needs 4 consecutive valid reads before continuing. For how often to rescan, depending on your Spooky2 rig, scanning every seven or four days is highly recommended.
Spooky2 Central users should use the results program in a killing preset and run it once a day for four days, then scan again.
Contact Mode users should run it once daily for seven days and then scan again.
Remote Mode should be run non-stop for a week and then scan again. Repeated scans are necessary.

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