Do you recommend healing or killing and what's the best connection port?

1. When you want to treat with the results of the BFB scan, use a killing preset for Contact (C), then load the programs. Use the boost, and normally we connect it to the High Power port on the boost. If you ate worried about feeling it too strong, connect the Tens Pads to the Colloidal Silver port on the boost instead.
2. I am not near my Spooky2 computers at present. It will depend on the Preset you choose, so read the notes beside the Preset and it might tell you there, or for sure you see when you are loading the Programs, and look at what the "Repeat Chain" number is set at. Usually, with Contact Presets I think it is set at 1, which means it will run through once. If it says 0, it will repeat until stopped. You can choose how many times you want to repeat it by changing the number. Up to you, but it is often said: "run contact once a day".
3. Some people do more repeats, (and sometimes I do). You can even do once through twice a day if you choose, for example. Just be careful not to overload your body with rubbish from the die off. Run detox at the same time is good.
4. You have to go by feel. Contact, back of the right wrist to outside of the left ankle is good. Killing shell. You can save each scan and see which ones did you the most good and think about running them all through a graded scan from time to time too.

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