Are there any frequencies to help against alcohol addiction?

1. Miscellaneous/DH Experimental, read the notes and find alcohol.

2. I think lives in a parasite within you. I would try running parasite frequencies. I say that because I didn't drink for 17 years. (This was 1999) got a boyfriend. didn't notice any changes until he started cheating on me with girl from honduras with a heavy alcohol problem. Bam out of nowhere I was craving alcohol. I noticed that before I figured out he was cheating. Got rid of him and no cravings again and alcohol free for the next 20 years.

3. Candida contributes to alcohol addiction. Just a suggestion to run candida protocol.

4. Amino acid therapy is very good. It boosts dopamine production, which 30% of us lack from birth, of which 90% have some form of addictive personality. This could range from being addicted to your phone or gambling to drug and alcohol addiction. A lot of heroin addiction have good results with amino acid therapy when given intravenously, but you may be OK by just consuming them. But yeah, if you're producing more dopamine you might very well see some good results.

5. I found that running parasite presets and anything pertaining to liver health along with spiritual well-being and chakra meridian seemed to steeply decrease my alcohol intake. Decreased desire.

6. "Depression and Schizophrenia (R) - MM" may be beneficial.

7. When I got sober 16 years ago, i passed a lot of white stool and didn't know what that was. I now think that some of it was actually parasites that were feeding of the sugars and yeast I was putting into the body. The parasites could have made my mind foggier and thus made it harder for me to make rational decisions with regard to the first drink. Anything therefore that cuts down parasites, fungus, yeast and detoxes is a good move.

7. Very easy. Mass doses of Nicotinic Acid in the form of Vitamin B3 commonly known as Niacin. Do not use the non-flushing type and do not use Nicotinimide variant of B3. Together with this take some B6. It would help immensely if you ran a Spooky remote protocol through a program, with the remote shell preset. Look into Dr Abram Hoffer and his Niacin therapy. I would do 500mg and increase it up to 2000mg a day. Hoffer may recommend higher doses. Multiply your kilo weight by .3 and this will represent how much water you need to drink. eg 90 kilos represents 2.7 litres a day.

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8. Phenobarbital, (first 4 days). Liver detox. Cirrhosis, detox 3 toxins liver, and kidneys. Detox toxins elimination 1 Xtra and 2 Extra, Fat energy metabolism.

9. I am a trained NADA ear-acupuncturist. In NADA protocol (used by the court to send drunk drivers to in the U.K) we needle 5 points.
1: Liver. 2: Kidney drainage point for physical drainage 3: Lungs for emotional drainage 4: ShenMen point for quieting the mind. 5: vegetative point to ease all this unrest inside the addicted.
So in Spooky2: Meridians: Liver, Kidney, Lung, Heart. 
An addicted has a need for the drug (alcohol) but is addicted for a reason. It’s unrest in him. Low self-esteem. A feeling of always being the victim.
So besides Meridian treatment could also be chakra treatment helpful I guess.

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