Will increasing the voltage increase the power and effectiveness of Spooky2 Remote?

1. Use a Boost with the Remote if you want more power.

2. More amplitude will not be more effective with remote. In fact, some people have said that it is more effective for them to use between 3 and 5 volts. The only thing I have heard that more than 5 volts does is damage the DNA sample more quickly so it needs to be replaced sooner. I haven't attempted to verify the claim.

3. I don‘t think so. The remote shells are there for a reason and they are set to provide waveform and pattern as well as amplitude for the right level of effectiveness.

4. The recommendations in the user guide are Contact Mode - Amplitude: 14-20 volts and Remote Mode – Amplitude: 5-20 volts. 20v does not mean the program was more effective. 5v may be the best. This will vary depending on the individual's sensitivity. Some people need to have a low amplitude, while others need or prefer higher.
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