Is it better to buy the kit or the machine and some basics?

1. I bought the GX essential kit. It depends on what's ailing you as each condition/illness has different methods of treatment and then there are personal preferences as to what works best for you.

As an example, I have Lyme, so I have no use for the PEMF coil (as my condition requires overall body treatment, not specifically one focused area where a PEMF coil could help).

I also work with my hands and because my treatments require extensive treatment sessions the hand cylinders are too inconvenient to me.

This is how I would decide what you need.

2. I have the kit. I mostly use the coil, TENS pads, and Boosts. That's about it for now. I'm getting along great with it. I'm going to be purchasing another machine in the next few months as it's doing wonders with clients! Easy to use. Basic information is enough to do what you want too. I don't get into complicated stuff. I love it!

3. I have all the accessories and mainly use the remote, but I think its good to have them - more flexibility when you have them on hand.

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