What products are best for Hashimoto's, breast cancer, hormone-positive and Paget's disease?

1. If you buy Spooky2 Scalar you need the GX for killing.

2. 4 Generators (old one), use contact mode on 1 and remote on other 3, and switch contact to remote when you do with contact, should be okay. Seen good result with this.

3. I would maybe spend a bit more, get the GeneratorX Essentials kit for $901 and add 2 XM generators, with 2 boosts, and 2 Remotes, as well as the contact accessories kit. This, with shipping will be closer to $1500. But it's more flexible for running scans, running GeneratorX away from a computer, (although you must use a Windows operating system laptop to set things up initially,) and the contact accessories are way more comfortable than the tens pads IMHO. I would try to contact one of the support people at the https://www.spooky2-mall.com, who would help you make the best choice for you and the condition(s) you want to treat.

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