What is a good program to be used as a support for recovery and reduce infection?

1. Full spectrum antibiotics is a good one or any of the ones she was prescribed.

2. Depends on what kind of infection, sometimes they says infection to broadly it could be a fungal infection and antibiotics would make this go nuts, anything that’s. Penicillin based could have the effect of making someone sicker, non-penicillin based is the way to go if so or anti-fungal.

3. Here's a great explanation, from a Spooky2 blog, about the Broad Spectrum Antibiotic.


The Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Presets are in the miscellaneous directory of the Spooky2 software. There are three modes: remote, contact and plasma.

Here's how it works:

John White took all the frequencies in every frequency program we have in the database and ranked them by the number of times they appear.

There are a number of common frequencies that are shared throughout many different programs.

He then took the top:

  • 10 frequencies and made a contact preset and raised them to between 50 kHz and 100 kHz. This is a 30 minute program with each frequency using the default 3 minute dwell contact programs work well with.
  • 100 frequencies and made a remote preset, and runs each frequency for 12 minutes. This is a 20 hour program. Instead of repeats, each frequency is just hammered for a long period.
  • 63 frequencies and made a plasma preset, running each frequency for 7.5 minutes each. This is nearly an 8 hour program designed to be used as an overnight application.

Given that these top frequencies are used in so many programs, they appear to carry weight in what they can address. While none of them may be an exact MOR for a specific pathogen, they seem to engage the body's natural ability to heal and give it a boost. Additionally, some of them may be harmonics of a pathogenic MOR, which means that some of them, in fact, could be killing directly using a common factor of those MORs.

  • Contact should be run once a day, for say 7 days.
  • Remote being 20 hours can be repeated 24/7, and just let it run for a week as well.
  • Plasma should be run overnight either daily if you can handle it, [or if you prefer] run it once every 3 days.

For more details, please check the link:

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