What are the differences between "Full BFB Scan" preset and "Hunt and Kill" preset?

1. Hunt and kill perpetually refines the hits thus focusing on those top 10 toxic pathogens and attacking them as far as possible over the night session. However your BFB scans change with time and you will be tacking the top ones, but not necessarily the same top ones. It's a different treatment.

2. It seems that Hunt & Kill is a much faster way to do the same as doing the full BFB. Be sure to take a probiotic, especially with Hunt & Kill.

3. The Preset you choose, say Hunt and Kill, needs you to link up your BFB which you obtain from your Program, and then it will repeatedly hunt down pathogens, kill them and then previous hits are re-analyzed and hit again.

4. If you can afford to buy the scalar units do so, much easier to use and a lot quicker, no Herxing, it heals at the same time it kills, much more effective and simpler.

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