What machines and frequencies are for ulcerative colitis?

1. I have six generators running 24x7 on Remote mode. There are for any and all pathogens (fungal, viral, and bacteria) associated (by my research) with Crohn's. I use one generator for detox, one to support bone and muscle health (offset steroid damage) and one for entraining the immune system to behave properly. Took months to have that "Hey. This might actually be working!" moment. You can also do biofeedback. But that didn't seem as effective in my case since so much is screwed up with Crohn’s. I wasn’t getting the results just running the top feedback frequencies. So I gradually added frequencies for each known pathogen, hoping for a cumulative effect. I would not want to stop at this point. Things are much better.
2. For program and frequency, we recommend you to start with Detox 1 Toxins in the intestines - CAFL Polyps - 2720,2489,2170,2127,2008,1800,1600,727,690,666,650,625,600,465,444,522,146 - 3 min each. Diverticulitis Acute - CAFL.
For products, you can take the GX Essential kit, but if you have a good budget, we recommend you to take one plasma kit, which can help you accelerate the treating process, plasma mode is much more powerful than other modes. https://www.spooky2-mall.com/product/spooky2-plasma-generatorx-kit/

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