Should I do the whole scan again if I found I had spirochetes?

1. You have options at this point, and I would go with whatever you feel best with:
1) Run BFB and run those results.
2) Repeat the M/L protocol.
3) Just Run Lyme frequencies.
4) Combination.
I personally ran the M/L protocol for about 18 months and then I felt like my body was ready to do something different. I did BFB for a couple months, and then I went back to certain programs within.
2. Don't forget to detox. I'd run 11-day terrain and then do a BFB. And then run M&L again.
3. It’s good to repeat the program many times. It’s also good to revisit the sets that made you react to target them more. Eventually, get GX and start the hunt and kill. If you can fit in some HC zapping in the evenings in front of the TV using copper hand grips with wet kitchen towel around them and a BNC cable with crocodile clips that might help too.

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