What need to do if I feel electricity when doing a grade scan with GX?

1. Using Colloidal Silver port or reduce amp to 10.
There are a number of reasons one would experience shocks and a number of ways to avoid it. Please review to see if this applies to your situation.
1) Low Frequencies. Anything under 10000 Hz is very likely to cause a reaction due to this frequency range having a high probability to react with your nervous system, causing involuntary muscle contractions.
Remedy: Use Reduce Amplitude < 10 kHz setting as depicted in the User Guide.
2) High Voltage. This couples well with point #1. There has to be enough current to also engage the nervous system; however, there also has to be enough voltage to penetrate the resistance of the skin. When the frequencies are low, there is a way to find a happy medium.
Remedy: Use Amplitude Ramp 5 Seconds (UP/Down) to gently start and end each frequency. Recommend one uses this with Reduce Amplitude < 10 kHz settings as also depicted in the User Guide.
3) I still feel too much when applying both #1 and #2.
Remedy: Plug into the CS port of the Boost. This has a resistor that will limit current, yet still, provide a proper contact treatment.
4) Wired to more than one generator. Current from multiple generators finding their pathway back into one generator.
Remedy: Do not use more than one generator in contact mode at a time.
5) The possibility that the TENS pads are no longer good. A small area of contact to the skin will result in an increased sensitivity to the electrical current flow.
Remedy: Replace TENS pads.

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