Are there personally verifiable tests to prove the Remote function?

1. Run Joy. It is 9 minutes. Has 3 frequencies in there one will make you joyful. We have run for an hour before. So depends on how unjoyful one is. Like you said. My brother used it in 25 min. My daughter didn’t think it worked much but she was uplifted. I start smiling & laughing for no reason. My hubby is just happier. So depends on each body. But it works. Keep running cannot hurt.
2. I have it running on the 4 of us now - use Healing JW for the Shell. Fingers are crossed. When you search for Joy a program for sleep (single frequency) also show up. I've built a preset with it and Joy to run all night tonight.
3. It’s not about belief either or works or it doesn’t. On the detox terrain protocol, you will probably feel a Herx reaction. When I ran chemtrail preset had flu like symptoms for 2 days. Just start rifing, you’ll see.
4. I was extremely skeptical, but when I started it on terrain both my wife and I felt it. I didn't tell her and she mentioned it immediately. I'm still wondering whether it's beneficial though.
5. I used the Biofilm Presets within the Lyme and Morgellons Protocol to stop a recurring respiratory infection that had been hanging around for more than 10 years. By running those Presets via Remote twice, it has gone and never come back. I call that pretty successful - but not everyone will get benefits from that, as they don't have the same situation. One must find what they need to solve and get rid of it, and then they will understand the power of the tool.
6. Just do it. It’s weird but it works. One of my first treatments - probably terrain protocol I remember feeling these sensations in my body and then I’d pop over to the computer make a note of the frequency and then look it up and it always correlated to whatever part of my body was buzzing. (Only some programs indicate what organ it’s working on). Just start using it.
7. My son (14 years old) broke his arm. I ran remote on him for broken bones, inflammation, muscle repair, and pain. I didn't tell him when I started it. An hour after starting, he came to me and told me that strangely his arm was feeling so much better. I'd say it definitely has benefits.
8. I proceeded through the Morgellons and Lyme. When I got to Brain Function it was Amazing. I added my husband because my thought was so clear. I need to work on taxes and plan to run Brain Function then, for sure.
9. My daughter gets cold sores on her lip and on/in her nose - has for 20+ years. They last pretty many 14 days (2 weeks). They swell the area, are red, blistery and extremely sore. The last 2 times she has gotten them, I have run the remote with all the cold sore programs. By the next day, the improvement is dramatic. Instead of moving to the very nasty stage, they seem to have bypassed that and moved straight in to the healing stage. Both times, they have been fully gone within 8 days.

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