Are there any methods for increasing the effectiveness of Remote?

1. The best way to improve the effectiveness of the Remote is to find the right frequency. Are you running your biofeedback scan results? This is the best way to find the right frequencies.

2. I have placed saliva in the remote and replaced it every day when I wanted to target Bart more directly. Bartonella is usually present in your throat. Bartonella, as far as I know, would not show up in your nails so using them in the remotes to affect it is less than using a (possible) sample of the bacteria itself. I say possible because without a microscope you’re not going to know if you have a sample. Blood will also work but again it's an "if" it's in the sample of blood. Bartonella is a gram-negative bacterium (double cell walls) not as easy to destabilize as borrelia. Simply running the remotes was useful with only a nail sample as it did seem to keep the Bart under control.

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