Are there any suggestions for dealing with a lot of dental infections?

1. It is often said that we don't place TENS Pads above the neckline so you can't use contact method that way, but there is nothing to say that you can’t scan at the neckline and see what turns up and treat that using GenratorX. Or you can just do overnight plasma antibiotic sets and hope that hits the relevant bugs. I used that on a lung infection of mold that way.

2. I would suggest you search xylitol (it removes the bacteria that cause tooth decay), oil pulling (search google) and ionic toothbrush (against plaque).

For Rife, you can use general detox and then specialize in tooth program.

3. This is an excellent list of dental programs for dental.

Here are some I added recently (mainly DNA and BP frequencies).

Prevotella denticola (BP)

Prevotella dentalis (DNA)

Prevotella denticola (DNA)

Prevotella intermedia (DNA)

Prevotella intermedia (BP)

Actinobacillus (CAFL)

Actinobacillus (VEGA)

Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (DNA)

Actinobacillus suis (BP)

Aggregatibacter actino

mycetemcomitans (BP)

Streptococcus gordonii (DNA)

Streptococcus gordonii (BP)

4. We have had good success with Hallidays tooth and gum repair. We planned on going to the dentist a year ago but we put both our DNA in the same remote and run it 24/7 365. I had 2 cavities on my eye teeth at the gum line. One is filled in. The other not very deep anymore. I was pleasantly surprised.

5. My grandma used to Rinse mouth with Clove tincture ( 1/2 dropper full ) and little distilled water in a 1 oz glass also q tip - dipped in distilled water then a drop of organic clove oil and rub in affected area it is anti fungi bacteria and viral it helps right away with pain and eliminate she used it 2-3 times a day until all gone.

6. I find the biofeedback scan ultra helpful for getting at the root of infections. I have another Rife unit but it was a guessing game of what could be helpful. With the BFBS you can find what frequencies you need for the dental issues. When I run the BFBS frequency results it keeps my infection under control.

I have a spot that keeps pussing, so I took some of the fluid and put on the BFB digitizer. Seems pretty helpful running the results as it keeps the area from getting worse.

I do use colloidal silver but no way would I ever do an 8 oz glass of it! That's not beneficial at all, and could be harmful. You can do a mouth rinse with colloidal silver (1tsp diluted in water and swish for 5min then spit out). Spooky2 does have a way to make your own CS (though I think the unit does ionic colloidal silver).

I like this site as very helpful in learning facts about CS without all the sales hype.

For more details, please check the link:

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