Which kit should I buy for incurable diseases?

1. For advanced cancer, the Spooky2 Central kit with the plasma bulb is what Spooky2 people recommend. The GeneratorX(GX), in contact mode, is pretty potent. I would look around the Spooky2.com https://www.spooky2.com/ site and read about the devices and the testimonials. That's what I did and I got the GX Essential Kit. I bought it since I knew I wanted to get the Scalar unit later on. If your clients are considered incurable, I would spring for the Spooky2 Central kit with the phanotron plasma tube. It is as close to the original Rife machine as you can get.
2. I would recommend to get at least GX Essential kit, which has GeneratorX(GX) and allows you frequency up to 40Mhz and also fast scan function. Or if you want the best one, GX plasma kit is recommended, which has not only GeneratorX(GX) but also the most powerful treatment mode, plasma.
3. For serious illness one GeneratorX(GX) to 2 XM Spooky2 central with both plasma bulbs and Scalar. You can treat multiple people with the equipment at the same time.
4. I don't believe you can achieve satisfactory results for really serious conditions unless you have Spooky Central with Phanatron Plasma. You could run this off a single XM generator. In addition, you would need at least one GeneratorX (which is two generators in one casing) for biofeedback scanning, running remote results, and ensuring remote detox throughout. My partner's cancer has been in remission for about two years due entirely to Spooky2, albeit that his was early stage, and it was Spooky2 Central using the "plasma plus" system that worked so well for us, along with regular scanning and Remote support.

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