How does one use a program without repeating?

1. Keep the repeat sequence to 1. It will not repeat. Keep in mind some presets repeat and you have to do a manual stop.
2. When you have chosen your presets go to programs to choose the program you want. Then on that same programs page at the center bottom is a window which says ‘options’. Third item down is Repeat Sequence. If there is a ‘0’ setting next to it, the program will repeat until you stop it. If you only want it to run once, change the zero to ‘1’. Should you want it to repeat a few more times, put that number in here? Please can explanations be a bit more precise - there are newbie’s out here who feel that they have been given keys to a flying saucer only to be told that the saucer is parked in a shopping mall somewhere out there, use the key and good luck!
3. What preset did you choose? If you select Remote presets, they are set to loop themselves. Remote tends to be 24/7 and can be used nonstop. You can find settings under programs tab. Preset chain or sequence is set to 0. If you want to run it only once, change them to 1.

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