Is XM Generator OK for Cancer or Lyme?

1. Spooky2 XM generator can run 25M Hz when it is connected with computer. However, GeneratorX can do advanced biofeedback scan in a short time, it is good for cancer and Lyme.

And it's a serious problem like Cancer, Lyme disease or Morgellons, and then one generator isn't enough because there are many pathogens involved in this, and they all work together. We recommend buying at least two, one generator can be running detox non-stop, while the other is used for Contact AND Remote killing.

2. In our experience, you'd benefit greatly from running the higher frequencies for cancer.

In all honesty, I do not believe even two generators are enough for cancer. We used four XMs (GX had not been released at that time) plus Spooky2 Central with phanotron. We later added more gens, including GX. My partner's bladder cancer is now in remission, but it's important to note his cancer was early stage. Also, he was diligent with his Spooky2 sessions. It was time-consuming and required a great deal of studied application.

I don't wish to be negative, but anyone wanting help from Spooky2 for cancer (I can't comment on Lyme) really needs a strong arsenal of equipment, including plasma, and a huge amount of dedication, using a proven cancer protocol and other support presets.

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