Doesn't that leave a large part of the body unscanned if TENS Pads are placed on either side of the belly?

1. The theory is that the close the distance between the electrodes is, the more accurate the results are. If you have issues in a dedicated part of the body then place the electrodes in a way that the respective area is just between it. You will never catch everything in one scan. It makes sense to start with the abdomen, as there you find the most important organs which need to work to detox all the pathogens. Only if you would not find anything anymore in that area, then search for other areas. This is also the reason why the Spooky2 team suggests to start with Terrain, as it focuses on the most important organs. At the time when you have no hits anymore on the abdomen, you will be so experienced with GX scans that you will know how to go on.

2. In the video the pads are placed on the left and right side of the large intestine. This is a good place to start because many of the pathogens live there. But the large intestine is not the only place to put the pads that could make sense. If I had a cold I would place the pads left and right on my upper body, if I had a knee problem, I would place the pads left and right on my knee.

3. The GX manual just says place pad in an area you want to scan. The Spooky2 Video below around minutes 3 says on either side of the belly.

4.  I don’t think there is any way of completely covering all parts of the body simultaneously. We have to do the best we can with what we have. A combination between XM scan results and all the GX results of each type would hypothetically give you the fullest picture.

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