Why did I get 0 hits when I did sample digitizer scan?

1. Here is what I do.

1) I put only distilled water in the plates and then I run a baseline.
2) After the baseline is done, I dry the plates and put my blood in. If I don't do the water baseline first I am lucky to get 3 hits.

2. The baseline is crucial. It is because of the EMF smog we're all immersed in. The baseline run helps to negate the effects of the smog. BTW, I think I read that when using the TENS pads, it helps to twist the two wires to help lessen the effects of the EMF smog.

3. It is possible that your Hit Threshold may be set too high. Try setting this down to 1%. John White has removed the threshold setting in the latest version of Spooky2 so any hits will always be displayed after a scan.

For more details, please check the link:

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