Are there any suggestions for skin infection?

1. I'll say that I’m also doing a mega internal detox and hope it goes away with that too. I live in NYC and take the subway many times a day and see tons of people with this. I always notice it bc I have it. So, you’re not alone. I'm doing a 4 month cleanse from now.

2. Try using Rife frequencies through plasma tube if possible - I have Spooky2 brand and helped my husband skin conditions immediately - hope that helps - also check out the emotions that brought this skin condition and heal the root cause - release the specific emotions through energy healing and hypnotherapy.

3. I don't think you should look for online diagnosis. It's possibly best to go to a dermatologist and find out and then use your Spooky equipment to hunt and kill any pathogens or parasites. You can also use colloidal silver topically and drink it as a natural antibiotic every day. The Natural Health Library is a great place to get information - try a search on their page once you have joined.

4. I got it on my fingers and in my nails. When I put the psoriasis frequency on it said to use nanobacteria too so I did I also use homeopathic. Anyway it went away in a week but I kept programs running for 4 wks and I ate lots of gut-healing foods. After I run leaky gut syndrome. It never came back. I had it for like 6 months. Also after I did leaky gut u run detox program to get rid of die-off.

5. I get them on my elbows sometimes and use either colloidal silver or Tea Tree Oil to get rid of it. It's never been as bad as this though. You can make your own colloidal silver by buying a generator, mine cost $25. It will last for a long time. Soak elbows in it for half an hour each day. Good luck! (I'm a nurse and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor)

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