Does the program Pertuzumab MW eliminate the pertuzumab in chemo?

1. Recent mail from the helpdesk says, running these in the preset programs is a drug treatment. Using the Killing or heal shell isn’t clear to me. They strongly don’t recommend it during chemo.

2. I think killing will work a bit better than healing, not because there is something to kill, but rather because the killing shell uses a reverse sawtooth wave, that contains all the harmonics, while the square wave only contains the odd harmonics. The sawtooth wave also contains all the harmonics too.

3. For Pertuzumab MW, you can choose shell empty preset, choose treatment mode and choose killing preset, next choose the Pertuzumab MW program. But it is very important to stop using the Rife Machine 24-48 hours prior to chemo treatment, and at least 4 days after the last treatment of chemo. If you want a cautious approach to treatments, then I would avoid Plasma sessions on the day of chemo and one day after. In a word, for safety, when during the chemo, it is strongly recommended to run any killing and treatment frequency of Spooky2. 

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