Will others who share my DNA be affected if I use Spooky2 Remote to treat myself?

1. Yes, they might be. Happened with my brother and me.

2. This is not our job here - especially because it seems that some never get results. It is not possible to come to verify proper setup and use, so very difficult to investigate claims of “not helping”. I have shared this story many times, but one more won’t hurt. I had a long-term respiratory infection that alternated between sinus infection and pneumonia. I tried many single "bug" type programs to no avail, but after I ran the biofilm presets from the M&L Protocol, I haven’t had any issues with these infections since. Of course, I can’t say that you will have the same results.

3. My brother and I both have Lyme disease. We live about 20 miles apart. When he first started with the Spooky2 there were times I had miserable days and called him to see what he was running. If he stopped, my symptoms resolved.

4. I’ve been using a different type of Rife machine for about 3 months. It was given to me as a gift. I was highly dubious - and then - really surprised when I had astonishing results. I’ve now had S2 equipment for 2 weeks. Both my wife and I have, using the remote, had very positive personal experiences (again I’m super surprised). All of that being said - nothing I, or anyone, can say or do will convince you of anything, and I will not try. The only thing that can do that - is your own experience.

5. Remote treatment is based on the science of Quantum Entanglement, and it does not need any medium to transfer the signal. So there will be no emissions through anything in your home. It is still an open discussion that the share of DNA could possibly make the other person feel the effect, but according to our users' experience, the effect, if there is any, is too subtle to feel.

6. Your DNA is normally unique. Even identical twins are not exactly alike (due to differences in gene expression) although it seems there could be some spillover in that case.

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