Are there any ideas if no light was emitting from Plasma?

1. This is OK as long as you use a Plasma shell preset to run your BFB results, say like "Spooky2 Plasma Advanced" or "Spooky2 Plasma Entrainment and Healing". But you can also try running one of the factory plasma presets, like those under >Detox, >Plasma, and see if this works for you. If it does work, this means you may have chosen the wrong shell preset for you BFB scan results. By the way, where you running a "Scan and Run" or a "Hunt and Kill"? These presets take some extra setup to make them work with Plasma.

2. For running your scan result, you need to choose the Plasma preset, sometimes, wrong preset will lead to the faulty Plasma Tube. You can choose “Spooky2 Plasma Advanced" or "Spooky Plasma Entrainment and Healing. Please have a try again and let us know what will happen. 

For more details, please check the link:

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