Are there any success stories on sciatica?

1. Presets 'Kundalini' and 'Healing & Regeneration'.

2. Frequencies can be helpful for sciatica. For my family, it was related to adrenal stress and doing detox sets were helpful. But maybe look into the nerve sets if the sciatica program doesn't work. Or just run a BFB scan to see what programs your body needs. I got the Spooky2 equipment because I couldn't afford acupuncture all the time (time or money). Spooky2 was a onetime investment. Between the GX, scalar, and MiraMate it's helped immensely with pain. So much so, I push myself and forget I need to back off until other health issues can work on healing.

3. This past year I had my first bout with SEVERE sciatica pain, and could not get out of bed without help and on a walker. I have no idea what caused it. It was excruciating and I might add that I have a high pain tolerance. Anyway, I laid on my side with plasma tube on the bed along that side from hip to knee. It fixed it completely on the second day and has not come back. Amazing! I am not a doctor and am not making recommendations but rather sharing my personal experience.

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