Are there any suggestions for compressed nerve?

1. Give a chance to chakra balance program.

2. Did you also work with a chiropractor or other? I recommend you to try the DH-frequencies, run first the programs 001-006 and then try 386. We made good experiences with this. There are also other programs related to this.

3. You did not say how you are applying your BFB frequencies. I would not expect running the BFB frequencies by Remote only will help you much. I say this with personal experience and 4 years of watching comments here on Facebook and the Forum. You will be likely to get a good result by using Remote along with Contact or Plasma treatments each day. If you are referring to the Sciatic nerve then be aware that the nerve can be compressed by inflammation anywhere along the nerve, especially if the HIP JOINT is inflamed. Often with the sciatic nerve issues, it is necessary to treat the hip joint/joints as well as lower back inflammation (personal and professional experience). And do all that you can to reduce the inflammation. Sometimes inflammation is caused by a virus, mold, etc, which the BFB should pick up.

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