What is the minimum about of things I need to get started if I go for air travel?

1. The essential kit is nice.

2. When you say you need "something for air travel", do you mean you want to run your Spooky2 in standalone mode, i.e. without hooking up to a computer? If so, you will need a GeneratorX, not an XM. The XM (blue) generators only deliver frequencies when running off the software. Even in the case of the GeneratorX, you still need a computer to load your programs. As for accessories, you'd probably need at least one remote + boost, as well as tens pads and cable.

3. None of the Spooky products are portable in the sense that they run on batteries and you can just carry and use them. You can be treating yourself remotely while you travel, and you can use a remote desktop product like TeamViewer to change programs on your Spooky system running at home to change programs as you need them. You can also load up a GeneratorX with up to 30 programs (with 200 or fewer frequencies per program), and only carry the Generator X (plus power supply) with you, and give yourself contact treatment while you travel, but you need to be connected to wall power. Also, if you are in foreign countries, you will need a power supply (wall wart) that is compatible with the other countries power. The Generator X and the Spooky2-XM generator come with external power supplies. A modern Windows laptop is quite small nowadays, and you can even use a netbook with Spooky, assuming it is running Windows and has a few available USB ports. Then there's the GeneratorX, where you can do biofeedback abroad and get Remote/Contact treatments abroad, again assuming you have a power supply for the country you are visiting. In terms of space, this will use, a laptop + GeneratorX + TENS cable/Pads and a Spooky remote with taking about a quarter of a typical daypack student’s use for their books.

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