Why the TENS Pads gives me an electrocution/tingling when I run Taenia Solium (pork) 52 (C) - BY starting at 164Hz?

1. This frequency is very low for contact, thus it could be very uncomfortable. You might try the shell presets in the Presets tab under >Shell (Empty) Presets, >Contact, Anthony Holland 11th Harmonic (C) - JW, then add your program in the Programs tab. If this is still too uncomfortable, in the Settings tab, in the bottom middle of the screen, try F2=F1 X 128 (with the Holland shell preset, this defaults to 11).

2. Anything under 10000 Hz is very likely to cause a reaction due to this frequency range having a high probability to react with your nervous system, causing involuntary muscle contractions. You can try a colloidal silver port on the boost. Kindly check this link for more advice: https://www.spooky2-mall.com/blog/what-you-can-do-when-you-experience-shocks-in-contact-mode/

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