Are there suggestions for Spooky2 software freezing?

1. There is an annoying OS issue with Windows 10 and I haven't been able to find a fix for. When you boot up windows, I generally have to leave it alone for about 10 min. If you open the Start Task Manager, you will probably see that disk usage is maxed at 100%. Starting up too many programs will cause freezes and crashes. If you disable superfetch, it might fix the problem. If you Google Windows 10 100% Disk Usage, you will see pages and pages of this problem. I suspect, it is the Windows OS causing a problem.

If it is a Spooky2 software issue after a windows update, you can always try reinstalling the Spooky2 software.

Windows Defender has also been known to cause disk usage to spike. Disabling it and installing a 3rd party virus protection might work as well.

If you have 100% disk usage, I would suspect that OS bug to be the culprit. Make sure Spooky isn't auto-starting when you restart your computer. Disable superfetch and Windows Defender. Make sure you have 3rd party virus software installed. Then do a restart of windows. Wait a few minutes and then manually start Spooky.

2. It's possible to get Plasma and Remote to all work at the same time on the same computer in the same room, but it requires some extra work. See the picture in this post for the layout of the plasma bulb versus the generators. You want the Remote Generators to be as far as possible away from the bulb.
Also, it helps to have on each Generator+Remote, and USB cable that has the green donut in the wire. You can buy these USB cables from the Spooky2 mall website.

The most important is to have the power cable of the Central/Plasma unit plugged into a different house circuit from your laptop and generators. This may mean running an extension cord from another room into your treatment room, and only plugging the Central/Plasma into that extension cord. Of course, that extension cord needs to be on a different circuit than your laptop and generators. You can test this by going to your breaker box, and discovering which breaker shuts down your treatment room's plugs. Once you shut down the treatment rooms plugs, you then test to see if there is still power in that extension cord.

Ultimately, I use my remote setup in my shed, with a different computer, and my plasma setup in my room. This is so much easier and less prone to problems; it does require making a $100 investment in a used laptop to run an entire separate Spooky2 system. I use my USB hub on my remote system, as my plasma system doesn't require a hub because I only have a single XM on the plasma system.

3. If the problem only happens when the Plasma is running too, then it's because of the plasma. And with Plasma, you shouldn't have any of the leads in the top of each other or touching, like the 2 leads with the doughnuts in them, as they are in your picture. There is a lot of discussion in the search section of this group about this issue and how people have resolved it. The issue is the energy from the Plasma affecting the computer and/or generator because the way you have it set up is probably causing energy to feed backward. Don't have any of the cables to do with the Plasma touching other equipment or each other. And when it locks up as you describe, sometimes you need to stop the generator and software, unplug everything for a few minutes (15 min?) to release the buildup of energy in the equipment and cables, and then reconnect and restart everything.

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