Can any of the Wobbles be added to a preset that's running?

1. Watch your display of output frequencies (Control Tab) without then with Wobbles. A stable unchanging display of output frequency = no wobbles. Make sure you clicked ‘generator overwrites’ when you started the program again.

2. If you go to the Control Tab, there is a Frequency Wobble button. This will wobble the frequency currently being sent, but it stops stepping through the program. To add a wobble to an existing Program Settings, one needs to:

1) Stop the program in Control tab.

2) Go to Settings Tab, and set the Frequency Wobble parameters as desired.

3) Go to Control tab, click "Overwrite Generator", click the generator box to run it on, and then start. It should write in the new parameters and start the wobble - and step through the program frequencies.

For more details, please check the link:

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