Are there any suggestions on where to place TENS pads specifically for the liver?

1. The liver is the large organ just below the rib cage on the right-hand side of the body just a matter of inches to the right of the central line and above the bottom of the bottom rib and slightly inward. So not on the rib cage itself, but the right-hand side of the area in the gap between the left and right rib cage, so maybe front and back at about that region could be a suggestion. I cannot be totally precise, but that’s where I have had swelling when my bad liver was flaring up.

2. ①It is better to have the electrodes as close as possible across the problem area, so more of the bad pathogen cells are passed by the signal.

②Bisect the area of interest. If it is the liver, place the pads at the front and back of the liver. If it is the kidneys, you could place the pads either across one (front and back) or across both (side to side)
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