Has anyone been able to run Spooky2 on Mac with Crossover?

The best and easiest plan is used Windows 7 computer. Linux OS 'Operating System' or an Apple Mac OS can use a Free Oracle VirtualBox. I have mainly run Spooky2 in a Linux Host. Using a Linux OS stops all of the Windows OS viruses, and other Windows OS problems. My VirtualBox of (Windows OS) has no internet connection. Some tips for Linux OS Host, with a Windows OS running in a Free Oracle VirtualBox: Linux Users and Groups, Group includes Vboxusers. And top VirtualBox window menu, Devices, insert VB Guest Additions. Both are needed for USB connection to Spooky2 generators. Mine has working good Sound, and music. Maybe VirtualBox forum users can help with your sound problems.

For more details, please check the link:

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