Why only first frequency will used and do not change to next frequencies when running scan results?

I'll try to help by describing the process of running your biofeedback scan results.

(1) Do your biofeedback scan and when the window pops up at the end, save it with a relevant name, ensuring you leave "BFB" at the front, e.g. "BFB Hartmut [date]".

(2) Go to the Presets tab, select Shell (Empty) Preset, then select a relevant shell from either Contact or Remote or Plasma, depending on how you want to run your scan. Don't make any changes to the shell, just select it and move onto the next step.

(3) Move to the Programs tab, search for your BFB scan. (If you've saved it using your name, just enter "Harmut" into the programs search bar and it will appear.) Double-click it down into the Loaded Programs pane. Your scan results are now inserted into the preset shell, ready for running.

(4) Move to the Control tab. Click "Overwrite generator". Click the generator icon you wish to use. Wait a few seconds for it to show. Click start.

For more details, please check the link:

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