How to locate which program it is that contains a frequency sweep?

I've been a bit frustrated by this too. So I have to let it run off my computer instead of loading it onto the GX. I was having issues with this with the sleep program. Even when I tried to custom make my own program it seemed to have issues.

If you can use the command shell in Windows, you can find the program that have sweep. For example, let’s say I want find the Remote programs in the Morgellons & Lyme protocol that have a sweep in them. What I want to find are the lines that contain the word "Loaded Frequencies" that also have a hypen in them. Here is what I would type into a command window on Win XP:cd "\Spooky2\Preset Collections\Morgellons and Lyme\Morgellons and Lyme v3.0\Remote"
findstr /C:- *.txt | findstr Loaded Frequencies.


For more details, please check the link:

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