Does the scan results list target from the smallest pathogens to larger ones?

1. It is my understanding that when doing a scan, the results show what is important to kill first, rather than it being the smallest.

The smallest to largest is used to build the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol and is the best way when multiple pathogens are rampant.

2. There is a way for you to take your GX General Biofeedback Scan results and find the smallest to largest. You have to use the Graded Morgellons and Lyme Utility to take your latest GX scan, and grade the frequencies against one of the 9 steps of the M&L protocol. You need to download the utility, install it, and do the following:

1. Choose your latest raw scan data file.
2. Choose the step of the M&L protocol (start at 1, then progress).
3. Choose the Detect type (Angle or Current).
4. Choose the Grade Only option. 5 click Build Presets. 6 check out "Show Log" to see the relevance of the hits.

For more details, please check the link:

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