Are there any suggestions on thyroid cancer?

1. I personally would run Acidosis, kidneys, adrenals, lymph, and liver. Per Dr. Morse' protocol.

2. It is important to kill parasites in the thyroid.

3. Use fluke’s frequencies also 5262, 1919, also TurboTax and bx virus, by a virus. Castor oil cleanses won’t kill parasites in the thyroid so use those frequencies.

4. Do you use Spooky2 kit to make Nano colloidal silver? If you take a few teaspoons per day this will greatly support your immune system.

5. I have been reading about celery juice and have been following that protocol. It kills Epstein Barr virus, along with other viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, etc. It mentions that there are 60 different strains of EBV.

6. Run Epstein Barr! I ran Morgellons and Lyme and after getting through EBV, my thyroid problems were corrected! Had them all my life, I am 47. I ran it because I had heard there was a connection from EBV to Thyroid, so maybe it could help you as well.

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