What is the best treatment for a streptococcal infection that reaches the heart valves?

1. I am working on this also, as I had this condition few years ago, and one of reasons always doing Spooky2 for maintenance. I myself do all Spooky2 frequency delivery systems with this condition i.e. contact, remote, cold laser, scalar, plasma etc. and I consume spooky2 colloidal silver I think is very important. I drink it every day. I think other terms for this are pericarditis, Lyme carditis, or pericardial effusion. I run all these programs, plus all the strep programs. I also like to do biofeedback to see where I am at. I will look at reverse lookup and it sometimes comes up with strep or pericarditis etc. Quite amazing. For myself doing it all and throwing the Spooky2 kitchen sink at this, is my strategy. I am going after it with everything, because I never want to go ER again. Since I have been doing Spooky2 2014, have defused most everything, yes very powerful. I am curious if others chime in what their strategies would be.

2. Colloidal silver. I've been taking colloidal silver orally for this reason. Another BFBS (not Spooky2) identified both staph and strep. Make sure no root canals are infected. I've been soaking the gum tissue with silver and running dental programs. I'm running out of synthetic antibiotic options and have had endocarditis multiple times in the past. Rescan from other source is indicating inflammation is going down but infections still there. I do the GX BFBS to make sure targeting the frequencies I need.

3. Check the Hulda Clark Frequencies. I think it is 375 kHz. I usually gate this frequency with 7.5Hz for a better response.

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