How to Create Audio Files Using Spooky2

This is for software version 20190226 and 20190415.

Step 1: Open Spooky2 Software and Select Healing Shell Preset
Go to Presets tab, click >Shell (Empty) Presets >Contact >Healing (C) - JW.


Step 2: Choose Programs You Need in Programs Tab
Go to Programs tab, search the program you need and double click it to choose.


Note: You could choose more than one program, but we suggest that the number of frequencies is under 20.

Step 3: Change Some Settings in Settings Tab


Go to Settings tab, change maximum frequency to 20000 and minimum frequency to 20.

Create Audio-4

In the Waveform Setup, change out1 to the sine wave.

Create Audio-5

Step 4: Create Frequency Audios in Control Tab
Go to Control tab, tick Overwrite Generator, and choose a generator button. Make sure the sample rate for the sound file is 44100 and click the button under the red arrow to make the audio.


Step 5: Find Your Audio Files
You would see a sentence at the bottom of Spooky2 software when audios are created.


Go to the folder (C:\Spooky2\Audio\), and you will see three types of audio files and one text of Program Description.


You can enjoy your frequency audio now!

1. This article is a simple, basic and safe way for you to apply this feature. You could change some parameters to suit your own needs.
2. You don’t need to connect a generator for this feature. Audio files could be created in test mode.
3. We recommend you listen to audio files of .wav and .flac, because they are non-loss forms.

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